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…sed inprovisa leti
vis rapuit rapietque gentis.
(Horace, II.13)

…but Death
strikes unforeseen the world over.
(Stanley Lombardo, 2018)

…but unforeseen death
All men has reft and will again.
(Alexander Falconer Murison, 1931)

…always Death
Steals up unseen, to lay the peoples low.
(Edward Marsh, 1943)

Unseen, unfeared, destruction’s might
Descends and shall descend again.
(J. S. Blake-Reed, 1944)

…unseen by any man
Death leads, and will lead, races to the night.
(Lord Dunsany, 1947)

…but death’s an ambuscade
That has destroyed the world and shall again.
(James Michie, 1963)

But death’s power, unforeseen till then,
Has snatched, and will, the tribes of men.
(Stuart Lyons, 2007)